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Adventures of an Overactive Imagination

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From My Heart To My Hands For Your Soul

Adventures of an Overactive Imagination

Welcome to Madison 's Artworks Shoppe

k. Madison Moore
Contemporary Fine Artist
Mount Pocono Pennsylvania

I am an artist with a deep passion for painting and an appreciation for beauty in all natural forms.
Each of my works are incredibly elemental. Using sensuous, romantic colors that convey a rich passion that is compelling. Collectively, my contemporary works are vivid, expressionist paintings that communicate profound feelings to the viewer." My vision is to make everyone happy with beautiful art for their soul.

I have created this Artwork's Shoppe for my fans, collectors and VIP's to have access to my new paintings series, archival canvas and paper prints and unique art products all with mages from my works. So many more fun ideas will be introduced along the way so stop by when you can for updates.

I offer commission projects for any sold paintings that you may also wish to have. I do subtle changes to make each one an original. You may have any custom size and substrate that you wish, add or deduct elements or I can design one just for you. Contact me with your ideas. There is never any obligation.

If you see something that you would like that I do not have listed, for example certain size canvas print, feel free to contact me to make your wish come true.

 From My Heart   To My Hands   For Your Soul
About My artworks Shoppe imageAbout My artworks Shoppe imageAbout My artworks Shoppe image


ALL OF MY PAINTINGS are designed and painted by me and are original works of art. I use mostly quality and archival oils and acrylic paints and only the best quality substrates, canvas, heavy weight archival papers are among the few. All works are signed by me and a Certificate of appraisal is included for insurance purposes. I accept commissions. If you see something that you like that you need in a specific size just contact me with your details or I can design just for you.


ALL OF MY ARCHIVAL PRINTS are images from my original oil paintings series. You will not find them anywhere where but from me if they are original. I will deliver a high-quality reproduction of the image that arrives free from defects using only the best quality 100 years archival materials. I take pride in the quality of my prints as I do with my paintings. You may pay a bit more but remember, you only get what you pay for! My Prints are Original art and Quality Materials only.

MY PREMIUM GRADE MAT PAPER  is better than most printers  premium papers.  Thick, heavy duty, 100 year archival photo paper with a robust gamut range. Quality HP inks for brilliant. colors. The images for paper prints are printed to the paper edge (full beed) and have no borders. You can request a border for and additional fee. Additional sizes available upon request.

STRETCHED CANVAS PRINTS:  I print on a thick, archival-grade canvas to ensure durability. It is pH neutral and acid-free, so it will not yellow over time. Its bright white surface will support vibrant, dazzling colors that are consistent and accurate across a wide gamut with a semi-glossy sheen. Matte option is also available upon request. Comes in standard and custom sizes.  giclee, eco-solvent inkjet printers are color calibrated regularly to ensure the most color-accurate prints. These bright, vivid, and amazing colors will resist. 1.25 Deep Canvas. If you need deeper contact me up to 2”.

ARTISTYLE BAGS & ACCESSORIES. I’ve always wanted to design my own bags and accessories, and now my dream is coming true. I never imagined I'd be able to do this, let alone have my own artwork on the bags. All of the images you'll see are designs from my original oil paintings, which are now available as art-to-wear. All bags are vegan leather only. I get a lot of compliments on my own bags, and I'm sure you will as well. Custom bags are available based on the image you desire. Please contact me with the image and bag type you prefer, and I will see whether it can be utilized for the bag you select. You will not be able to see yourself coming and going in my bags. Also, a very wonderful, unique gift. idea, so keep that in mind for the holidays.

ARTISTIC APPROACH GIFTS - COMING SOON - Unique and original gifts Coming Soon designed and created with the Artistic Approach

SPECIAL REQUESTS - If you may be interested in something that is not listed as far as size and material for example you may need a larger print than listed or a canvas print or a special size, Please feel free to contact me for info.

COMMISSION PROJECTS - If you would like a commission from any of my images or you would like me to design one especially for you, Please feel free to contact me with your needs.

TURN AROUND TIME is generally within two weeks or less for Prints. Paintings approximately 3 - 5 days to ship. You will receive a tracking number and estimated delivery time. Please make sure your address is correct of your payment platform. Packages sent back for bad address will require a re-ship fee.

No Credits or Replacements will be made unless the item cannot be reprinted correctly. In all cases, we require that you send a photo (taken by a cell phone camera is fine) that clearly shows the defect or damage to us before any reprints or refunds can be issued. Because my art products are custom, store Ccedits only on returns, No refunds.

If your order arrives damaged, contact me right away. Do NOT throw away the shipping container. Use a digital camera, or camera phone to snap a few pictures of the damaged shipping container and prints and email them to me. You can feel free to call me as well.

Please review full policies at bottom 

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Milvi S from Canada

Canada VIP


There is hardly a room in our house that doesn't have a KMM painting. I spotted her unique style as I was surfing art sites in 2009, and immediately fell in love with the explosions of colour and various themes that she explored. At the time, I had a 'healthy obsession with wine (paintings] for a while and just could not get enough of her homages to some great artists, immersing them in her wine series. A handful of these paintings have been aggregated to our bar area at home, forming an eye catching display. I was also surprised by a 'thank you' painting (appropriately titled 'Corked),which showed up in the mail one day, so it's nestled between the bottles

Bran Shotwell

Commission. Paintings


I’m a great admirer of the Post-Impressionists but I have found their pieces to be slightly out of reach! Madison’s works, inspired by van Gogh, Gauguin and Matisse, are superb. Her composition, style and palate deliver a faithful representation of the masters. I have her works prominently displayed in my home where my guests can enjoy them as much as I do. I currently have five pieces and a sixth is on its way! Outside of Madison’s artistry, she is also responsive and thorough when communicating. There’s something special about viewing an original painting and I plan to continue surrounding myself with beauty composed by Madison well into the future. Thanks so much for my happiness Brian

Cheryl & Jim

VIP Colletor. / Commissions


OMG! It is stunning, breathtaking, sublime! The colors, composition, detail, it's all beyond perfect. SO MUCH JOY! AMAZING! Your talent is intimidating. I LOVE the art you created! My family, friends, contractors who come over always marvel at the beauty and uniqueness of the pieces! And I tell them about you! If there were a fire, I'd save only 2 things. The painting and my photo books. Best Regards, Cheryl & Jim

Arlene Henderson



Picasso is my favorite artist and I love the story about his relationships, Jacqueline being one of them. This painting is so fanciful and the colors are so perfect. So much nicer in hand. I am very happy. Thank you Best wishes, Arlene

Eddie Smith

Vip Exon


So fun all I can say! Litchtenstein was a fun guy. Always enjoyed his work so this was the perfect painting for me. It looks great in my office and everyone alway's stops and asks about it. The reflections are great. I think I may want another. Thanks a lot Madison' Ed

Jenny Sardi

Sardi's Restaurant


How I got such a kick out of this tiger lounging on a pink sofa! How fun is that! I love animals so much as well as Rousseau. You nailed it! Thanks Madison Regards, Jennifer S

Tom Schofield

VIP Collector


It’s perfect, and certainly my favorite painting of the few that I own, and probably one of the best of all I’ve ever seen. It’s just wonderful! Sometimes I go to your gallery and am just overwhelmed, every time, by the colorful and eclectic body of work that assembles on the page. It is truly amazing, and a museum of just your work would be a really amazing thing, on par with any assembly of art anywhere, including the artists that you so whimsically, and so complimentary, parody (if that’s the right word!)...And I really mean what I say! Sometime, just take a look at your own body of work. Prolific, imaginative, creative, researched, a compliment to the BROAD array of artists that you pay homage, and just plain FUN! Your work is so far above everything else around. And now I am privileged to own TWO K Madison Moore works! Thanks for the painting, it is cherished. P.S. There is a WONDERFUL Joni Mitchell song performed by K. D. Lang. It’s Joni’s song “Help Me”. The song reminds me of you painting when I listen to it, though I’m not entirely sure why. Perhaps they are of the same pop era and culture. But the line “You danced with a lady with a hole in her stockings, didn’t it feel good?” is as whimsical and descriptive as your paintings.

Tom & Elle

Commission Collector


I am so pleased with our art purchase from k Madison Moore. This was a surprise for my wife’s recovery from surgery so it was done in secret even though she was the one to absolutely fell in love with Ms Pendelton on the internet before the actual purchase. She never suspected the exchange’s of emails between myself and Madison. I know I did not want to go small and wanted to go big.. Madison was so helpful in the decision process, needless to say it was perfect beyond measure. I couldn’t have been more pleased at the colors, the sizing, the shipping and the card that came after the purchase. This is hardly our last purchase, Madison use of color, touch, and tone makes her work a cut above. I love how she discreetly borrows from the masters to create a new original(s) that harken back to years gone by. This is not cookie cutter art, it is exquisite by any measurement. I have plans for a commission but will not hesitate to populate my walls with music, animals, and artist(s) from her collection(s). Regards, Tom and Ellie

Ralph & Caryn Page

Super VIP Collector


I never collected art before in my life. Seven years ago we started to seek out an artist to do two commission paintings for us. We found K Madison Moore and fell in love with her portfolio . Since that point in time our collection of paintings with her has grown to fifty. maybe We have looked at tens of thousands of nude oil paintings before finding k Madison Moore. We did not find anyone even close to be able to do what she does. Her Blue nudes and pink nudes are incredible. Thank you for making our home shine with your work. Ralph & Caryn

Betsy La Salvia

Sr Accountatn at THC


How much better can it get but to have all these Frida's in one painting! I love Madison's work and especially her Forever Frida Series. If you love Frida then you have to have a Frida painting of Madison's. More Frida's coming my way. Your favorite collector. Betsy

Paul & John

Batter & crumbs Vegan Cafe - S Philly


When we were getting ready to open our coffee shop and bakery, we had a specific idea in mind for our artwork in the bathroom. A quick google search of "hipster animals" brought us to the page of K. Madison Moore Fine Art. We immediately knew this was the collection we needed. Not only were we able to purchase some beautifully framed pieces from her collection, she also created a custom piece specifically for us. Our bathroom has become one of the most photographed in the city and our customers just love posting these fun characters to social media. We couldn't be happier with our decision to partner with K Madison Moore!

Joe Lee

Commission / Collector / Brazil


This is the project I worked on for a collector in Brazil. He was moving into a new penthouse and has elevators that come into his apartment. Right off the elevators he has a 4'5' x 9'5' wall that he commissioned me to paint this mural for. I painted it on canvas and rolled it to a tube to be shipped. It took me about 4 weeks from designing to completion. He also ordered 5 more Art within Art Paintings that I will be posting. This was a fun project but very tiring. He has three small children that he wanted in the painting. You know when you were a child how everything looked sooooo....Big! Imagine these tiny ones and how huge these museum paintings would look to them. Hence the title: "Though The Eyes of Children" I was so happy in the way it turned out. Here is what the collector had to say: Dear Madison!!!! Beautiful!!! Beautiful!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! So much color!. So vibrant!!! Everything matches!!! I did not think it would be so clear and detailed. The kids look exactly exactly like them!!!!! Its amazing!!!! Even my little one’s round head! You really have have talent! Its perfect! I can’t wait to put it in place. I just showed my wife.. and her jaws dropped. Looking forward to seeing the other 5 commission paintings. Best, JL - Brazil

Maryanne Anderson



I love my painting, It is so cool to look at and I stop every time I pass it to look some more to always fine something else I did see previously. This is my third commission from Madison and she never disappoints. Thank you Madison. I will be back for another soon. Best Maryann

Eddie G

Peter Max Collector


Im so happy with my Peter Max impression oil painting titled Peter's Piano by k Madison Moore. I am a huge fan and friend of Peter's so this will be hanging along with his work. Thanks Madison. I will be back for the other one. So happy!

  • Studio - Mt Pocono PA

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